Welcome to the Sandridge LSC Kayaking and Paddling page. The Sandridge LSC offers a range of paddling services tailored to meet the needs of our members and to grow our paddling community. On this page you will find information about the following.


Kayaking and Paddling with the Sandridge LSC is easy! Just select your preferred membership option, book your training session online and join us for a paddle. We offer two types of membership to meet the individual needs of our paddling community.

Active members are patrolling (life saving) members of the club, more details can be found here.


  • Paddling Sessions Included

    Equipment Hire Included*

    Clubhouse Access Included

    • Paddle Craft Storage - 1st Craft Included

    • Additional Craft - $250

Yearly Fee: $75


  • Paddling Sessions: $40/month

  • Equipment Hire Included*

  • Clubhouse Access Included

  • Paddle Craft Storage

    • 1st Craft $1000 Per Year

    • Additional Craft - Na

Yearly Fee: $120

For a full list of membership benefits, please see our membership page.


The Sandridge LSC provides FREE coaching services for all our Active members. We cater for paddlers of all abilities.The Sandridge LSC coaches provide structured sessions that focus on different paddling competencies, including: technique, aerobic fitness, anaerobic fitness, interval training, endurance training, wave play and skills.

Visitors are encouraged to attend our coaching sessions, and may use the club equipment on two occasions, to test out their sea legs. After this, we encourage you to join the Sandridge LSC as a member to continue to benefit from the free use of our cub equipment.

Our sessions, for both Active and Social members, include:


Beginner and intermediate focus.

Morning conditions are generally calmer providing beginners paddlers the opportunity to become familiar with their paddle craft and technique. For more advanced paddlers, this is the perfect opportunity to refine your technique.


Intermediate and advanced focus

During summer the onshore winds will bring waves for your craft surf in. Paddlers joining these sessions should be able to comfortably remount their craft.


Intermediate and advanced focus

During summer the onshore winds will bring waves for your craft surf in. Paddlers joining these sessions should be able to comfortably remount their craft.


Additional sessions run on weekends, such as longer paddles or social paddles


Run at Sandridge beach. $60 (+GST) per person per hour.



We are pleased to provide our members with free access to paddling equipment. The Sandridge LSC currently has beginner equipment in its fleet, including:

Our fleet is expanding and will contain more equipment in the future. Our motto is ‘Let them Paddle’!

To use the club equipment, you must adhere to the club equipment policy

  • Use of the club equipment is free to all members

  • Visitors may use the club equipment twice (we encourage visitors to join as members to continue to use our equipment)

  • Club equipment must be booked prior to use, by using our booking spreadsheet. Note you cannot book equipment more than 24 hours in advance for weekly squad sessions

  • Wash down the equipment with fresh water after every use

  • Bookings are non-transferable


It is a requirement for all paddlers (members or visitors) to demonstrate safe paddling practices. For regular weekly coaching sessions, paddlers are expected to demonstrate a range of paddling, and water competencies.

Coaches will periodically run safety activities at the beginning/end of coaching sessions and ensure members satisfy all criteria. These will be documented and recorded each year.

It will be at the discretion of the Sandridge LSC coaches and the Paddling Coordinator to determine if someone can demonstrate safe paddling practices. If a paddler cannot demonstrate these skills then coaches may refuse them participating in club-led paddles. This is to ensure the safety of every paddler on the water.


In addition to our regular training sessions, the Sandridge LSC hosts a range of paddling events.


Want to try out paddling for the first time? Or perhaps get back into it after years of hiatus? The Sandridge LSC runs Learn to Paddle Clinics every few months. In these sessions one of our experienced coaches will run through the following:

  • How to use paddling equipment (e.g. paddle craft, PFD, paddle and leg leash)

  • How to paddle with efficient technique

  • How to remount the craft

  • Safety considerations when paddling

  • How to become an Olympic champion (possibly).

For a full list of upcoming Learn to Paddle Clinics, keep an eye on the Sandridge LSC Facebook page


In addition to our weekly training sessions, the Club hosts a number of paddling excursions for members. We want our paddlers to experience paddling in a range of aquatic environments with different people.

During these trips, we typically leave Sandridge beach and travel as a group, or in convoy, to other beaches, lakes or rivers. This includes regular downwind sessions on Port Phillip Bay, usually to or from Black Rock.

When we arrive at the destination, the group leader will brief all members on the plan for the paddling session. Groups will either start and finish at the same location, or paddle point to point with a vehicle organised for pick up. And of course, there will be a mandatory coffee and cake stop afterwards.

For a full list of upcoming Paddling Excursions, keep an eye on the Sandridge LSC Facebook page. For downwinder events on Port Phillip Bay, usually there is only short notice for trips, determined by the strength and direction of the wind.

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