Our Goals

• To prevent injury, recognise dangers and save lives
• To maintain and promote a healthy and safe environment
• To achieve optimum participation by members in lifesaving initiatives and club activities
• To create pathways to increase participation in lifesaving activities by the local community.
• To attract and train quality members
• To establish the best practice training methods to assist members’ ongoing development
• To define standards and quality throughout the club as appropriate. These will be adhered to by all members whatever their positions or differences are, whether paid or volunteer, part or full time
• To achieve the best organisational, personal, and interpersonal practices
• To develop a sustainable Life Saving Club
• To support organisations and initiatives in areas that further our objectives
• To seek out the best skills, technology, and tools available
• To maintain and develop our facilities to the highest standard

Our Principles

• Members are our most important resource
• The Club will respect people of all ages, cultures and divisions of society equally
• The safety and wellbeing of all persons will be a primary consideration in all our activities
• We will strive for continuous improvement in all aspects of the Club
• We will build the Club’s strength and depth beyond the presence of any one individual or program
• The Club fosters innovation and creativity to the extent that it furthers our objectives
• Our Club is based on mutual respect, trust and integrity
• We intend to make optimum use of funds, materials, energy and time
• We intend to achieve the optimum degree of openness and transparency in all Club operations
• Open communication is considered essential 
• We are committed to making a positive impact on the environment

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Child Safety Policy

Equipment Storage Policy

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